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Radio Compass combines riot grrl yip and yelp with the arch tunefulness of peak new wave songwriters, wrapped up and delivered by a loud band that's equal parts bashing grunge and lockstep post-punk. The songs alternately plead, scold, and simmer.  Aloha, the band's third release and second full length album, produced by Steven R. Lord and mastered by Alex DeTurk of The Bunker was released May 20th, 2022 in the U.S. through Sound Investment Records and July 1st, 2022 in Europe through Gunner Records. 
Included on the album is track 4, “Run with You”, released last year as part of Harmonix’s Rock Band anniversary DLC and just recently track 3, “Stay High” was released as a music video directed by Greyson Welch and filmed in Salem, Massachusetts.
Aloha has been a bit of a sonic, lyrical, and methodological departure from the band's prior works- written much in isolation during the height of the pandemic but also more collaborative than their prior.   Front womxn / guitarist/ co-producer, Angela Lee notes, "Aloha is genre-bending and doesn’t follow the typical rules of how to record an album, what a band looks like or means, how I typically write for that matter. Because of the pandemic, we were all forced to do things in new ways and it was certainly true with this album. It was where a lot of the anger, confusion, fears, reflections, gratitude and insights lived during that time. Without a doubt it’s a very personal album to me (and probably very relatable to many), an imperfectly perfect musical diary of the past couple of years.” Lee explains.
Aloha is a genre-bending undulation of sounds: highs and lows, heavy and light, anger and gratitude, certainty and uncertainty.  Each song acts like a needle and thread, weaving together a gamut of emotions and experiences many of us have experienced over that past couple of year. This album was written in many rooms with a lot of people including former bandmates, Jill Rogers-Jensen (drums), Andrew Smith (bass), and others who were not initially part of this project like Steve Lord (Aaron & The Lord, Dogwood & Elm, These Wild Plains, Dirty Bands, Bodega Girls, and Aloha’s producer),Margot Smith (Bad Larrys), Ally Bull (formerly of Green Piece),  Sean Calahan (I Was Awake, Crowfeeder) and the current members Franklin Siplas (Michael Kane and the Morning Afters, ArtThieves) and Kerry Lee (The Evil Streaks). 
Lee balances lyrically nuanced and rich indie pop accessibility with post punk attitude and the human condition in such a way that it’s near impossible not to get pulled in.  The sustenance of harmonies and vocal layers of Lee, Kerry Lee and Ally Bull create this “dreamy” and engaging needle that threads through each track creating an exploratory and genre-bending yet cohesive album. That inundation  starts right from the get-go with an angsty introductory song, “It’s A Trap!” followed by a sonically mellow and melodic, lyrically jabbing and daunting “A Shame” then into "Stay High', which If Its Too Loud referred to as "wonderful slice of fuzzy power pop".
Radio Compass was born following the 2016's release of bedroom pop LP Papercuts written by frontwmxn, Lee. After solidifying a line up, the the postpunk outfit went on to release 2018 EP ...for a girl, and has been busy since, making their circuits around the Northeast and beyond including Boston Music Festival, Rock and Roll Rumble, NighShift BriteLights Festival, Pouzza Fest 9 & 10, fundraisers like Rock for H.A.W.C. (Healing Abuse Working for Change) which Lee founded, and Deacon Giles’ Women’s Whole Health Alliance Fundraiser, Once Boynton Yards Day Fest w/ Speedy Ortiz, Haasan Barclay, OktoberFest in Salem, had singles "Run With You" and "All Stars" appear in Harmonix products and ongoing warm reception from numerous northeast U.S and many European radio and streaming platforms like Boston Emissions, WMWM Salem State, WMFO Tufts,  Jesse Townley/ DJ Jesse Luscious on the wheels of steel!, BayState Rock, Fuzzed Out, Turn up the Volume, and more! Stay tuned for 2023 announcements.

“Stay High” is a wonderful slice of fuzzy power pop. It’s almost impossibly upbeat and just filled with killer harmonies with a punk edge. It's the kind of song that's going to just cram itself into your skull for many, many days, so be prepared for that. This is just a ridiculously fun song... I just wish I had discovered Radio Compass earlier than now.”

If It's Too Loud

"A rockin' group of incredibly talented folks that bring us no shortage of satisfying riffs and hooks that will invade your brain for days to come (in the best way) shortage of things to love..." 


"Radio Compass brings comfortable listening relief with the familiarity of the Riot Grrrl influence in their sound, while carving out a unique space for themselves."

Struggling Artist Podcast

"Aloha comes across delightful and honest to it's core... a very unique approach to their mixture of Pop, Punk, Garage, Alternative and a light hardcore influence...highly recommend to all"

Slam Magazine